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Bohemian Book Illumination Before Gutenberg
(c. 1380 - 1450)

International Workshop, Prague, Nov 12 - 14, 2013

AKC Akademické konferencnķ centrum
(Academic Conference Centre)
Husova 4a, 110 00 Praha 1

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A joint venture of the Czech and Austrian Academy of Sciences
(Team Mitteleuropäische Schulen VII)

The gradual development of lay and ecclesiastical Bohemian court art into the splendid and well-known international style took place over the period from the accession of King Wenceslas IV. (which coincided closely with the great papal schism) to the outbreak of the Hussite Wars. At the same time as this development was unfolding, new ways of conceptualizing Bohemian ecclesiastical and social order emerged. These concepts for society were uttered by several groups, including the king and the reformers, but their ideas and methods of presenting those concepts sometimes diverged in radical ways. In our workshop, we are interested in how such ideas ended up in forming the style and iconography during this period; a period during which the very medium of the book was on the point of changing, as the establishment of universities brought forth new classes of readership and commissioners, and forced illuminators to find new artistic strategies. The theme of our workshop is the question of how Bohemian book illumination commented on the issues and developments of this time, and the methods with which it did so.

Diese Veranstaltung findet in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Śstav dejin umenķ AV CR und
ÖAW Institut für Mittelalterforschung / Abt. Schrift- und Buchwesen statt.
Wir danken unseren Sponsoren: FWF, dem Center for Medieval Studies, Prague und dem Dum zahranicnķch slu˛eb.

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